How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Visceral fats,otherwise known as belly fats,do a lot more than make you look like a "pregnant" man or an "apple shaped" is more dangerous to overall health than subcutaneous fat (the kind of fat which lies under the skin). So,does it mean your waist size is a better indicator of your health than your … Continue reading How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat


Have you ever wondered how possible it can be to lose weight without having to do exercise? I bet you have.You know, we can all agree that these activities are stressful and tiring, ugh!.To that effect, I've got good news and the good news is that you can actually lose weight just by taking dietary … Continue reading HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT NATURALLY

Your Sudden Weight Gain Might Not Be What You Think

It's been very common for people to attribute weight gain to accumulation of calories in the body.This perception is not wrong,however, calories are not the only culprits responsible for weight gain.Sometimes,you cut down on your meals, do extra work outs, or even take herbs and medications; but your weight just doesn't come down.Here is a … Continue reading Your Sudden Weight Gain Might Not Be What You Think

A Poem For Covid-19

A POEM FOR COVID-19 Mighty covid-19, King of all viruses, Master of the pathogens, And chief of diseases, Accept my greetings. .How dreadful you are, O how frightening can you be, You victimized the aged, Terrified the rich, And planted fear in the hearts of the wretched. With your mighty feet, You stepped on the … Continue reading A Poem For Covid-19

Importance Of Technology In The World Today

Technology is no doubt a driving force in global development.Whether we admit it or not, technology has over the years become a vital component of our lives.It makes the world function more efficiently.It is true crime rates increase with an increase in technological development, but should we for this fact neglect its importance?.I wonder what … Continue reading Importance Of Technology In The World Today